Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh Mad Men, Oh Mad Men! Where Art Thou!?

Mad Men cannot return soon enough though it has been rumored Season 5 may be delayed until mid-2011.  It's quite upsetting & trying to stave off the tears, myself.  

Below are some items to give you that fix until the real deal returns on a weekly basis:   

                      Vintage 60s Black Horn Rim Cateye Men Women Eyewear by VintageTreasureShop

                 INID midcentry red picnic ball by VintageExpedition


  1. Mid-2011?!! That's far too long.

    Thanks for including me in this fantastic collection!

  2. Oh, say it isn't so! I have to confess that I can never follow the plot when I have watched the show ...I am too busy oohing & aahing at the clothes & decor! Fab picks! Thanks for including my bag!

  3. Thank you for the Mad-Men fix in the midst of our network drought. Appreciate you including my retro desk lamp here.

  4. I had heard mid-2011 & it hasnt been officially signed for the next season. My heart would break if Mad Men were to be no more!