Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Adore the early film throwback with this video from Midlake. 

Dig it. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

For Schnazzifying Your Bike

I am so in love with Yossi Levin's shop, Nisnas Cycles!  Brand new to Etsy too!

Check out the styling wooden fenders, the Brompron Wooden Fenders (below) are my fav!

These fenders are fabulous as well!  I dont know about you, but these would give your bike the unique-stand-out-from-the-crowd-look we all crave!

Finish off the bike overhaul with bag:

Sunday Delights

I suppose the days when you aren't seeking "that" dress or garment you will happen upon it.  Yesterday was that day for me!  Stopped into on of my favorite shops and happened upon three amazing garments:  an ivory Jack Bryan evening gown, a 1920s blue crepe dress and a 1950s blue linen wiggle dress(not listed yet)!  

The Jack Bryan formal gown is tops!  Grecian styling and intricate bead work on a nude mesh fabric around the neck.  I am especially in love the tear-shaped clear beads.

Also located a fanciful little faux pearl clutch, which would compliment the gown above quite well!

This dress floored me when I saw it!  The puff sleeve stuck out from the rack and I knew instantly what it was!  Any dresses from the 1920s had eluded me until yesterday when I stumbled on this beauty.  

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wishes & Planning

I'm rather deliberate in most of my decisions and planning and buying clothes is not an exception.  This is my goal to purchase and wear the hell out of this season!

Check these from FP by Jeffery Campbell

Paired with these wide leg trouser jeans by GAP

The shoes & pants are so diverse.  I would wear with a top like this one by Coldfish 

And for a hat like this one from BrownandBlack:

All of it is so lust-worthy

Have a great weekend, All!  Stay tuned for more dresses to be listed this weekend.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Bernetti

This is simply the most stunning gown!  Mid to late 1960s Damask gown by Bernetti.  Visit my shop for additional information.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh Mad Men, Oh Mad Men! Where Art Thou!?

Mad Men cannot return soon enough though it has been rumored Season 5 may be delayed until mid-2011.  It's quite upsetting & trying to stave off the tears, myself.  

Below are some items to give you that fix until the real deal returns on a weekly basis:   

                      Vintage 60s Black Horn Rim Cateye Men Women Eyewear by VintageTreasureShop

                 INID midcentry red picnic ball by VintageExpedition

This Songbird Sang My Tune

Songbird is a pretty blog I follow regularly via Bloglovin;  it was such a treat to wake up to find a feature for my shop on Shelley's page! See below:

The first being from Waistland!  I was recently introduced to Rachel via twitter and can’t stop browsing her Etsy store.  She has a great eye and her pieces come across as a collective front, which is sometimes difficult to achieve.  Love it!

I recommend her blog as a must follow!  Enjoy pretties ♥

Monday, March 7, 2011

Shop Update :: That Little Black Dress

This was a fun portion of the shoot from Saturday.  Im in love with this little dress--the brass buttons add so much charm!
Photograph courtesy of Tia Imholt
Model:  Fallon Costa